Where Can You Buy Peach Puree?

As of 2015, customers can purchase a white peach fruit puree from France by Boiron at Gourmet Food Store, while Amazon.com sells a white peach puree from The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley. Because both of these products are perishable, Amazon.com and Gourmet Food Store require overnight shipping. Customers can also purchase a 1-liter bottle of Finest Call peach puree drink mix from BevMo.

The white peach fruit puree available from Gourmet Food Store is made of the finest white peaches that go through a pasteurizing process of rapid heating and cooling to preserve their flavor. The ingredients include 89 percent peaches and 11 percent invert sugar syrup. The website recommends using the puree in smoothies, cocktails and pie fillings.

The white peach puree available on Amazon.com is made with peaches that have white pulps and red veins going from the pit of the fruit to the skin. The manufacturer claims that the product has a subtle, delicate flavor, recommending that consumers use the puree in pastries, sorbets, ice creams and even some savory sauces.

The Finest Call peach puree drink mix is made of a natural fruit puree. BevMo recommends using it in pina coladas and chi chis, but customers can also use it to sweeten baked goods and to soften vanilla ice cream.