Where Can You Buy Meat Slaughtered According to Islamic Law?


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Halal markets are the best place to purchase meat products that have been slaughtered and processed according to Islamic Law. Halal means any object or action that is permissible to use or engage in by Islamic Law. The term Halal is most often used when referring to food or drinks.

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The criteria for Halal specifies both what foods are allowed and how they should be prepared. The types of food that Halal is most commonly associated with are different types of animal meats and tissues. Common examples of Halal meat are chicken, lamb, beef and goats. Foods not permissible by Islamic Law include pork, any blood or intoxicants and any animal slaughtered incorrectly and/or if Allah's name was not pronounced at the slaughtering.

Generally, there are only two times that killing animals is allowed in Islam. The first is for consumption by human beings and the other is to remove a danger, such as a rabid dog. There have been concerns throughout Europe that animals being slaughtered for Halal markets are not being properly stunned before being killed, which has lead to concern and even petitioning in countries such as Wales, Sweden, and Denmark. Although these animals are being slaughtered under Islamic Law, they are not meeting the animal cruelty standards that have been set by these Western nations.

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