Where Can You Buy M&M Merchandise?


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Purchase M&M merchandise at MMsworld.com. The website offers a broad range of goods such as apparel, drinkware, and decor that conspicuously feature the characters and motifs of the Mars Corporations' coated chocolate candy.

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The Mars Corporation has sold M&M candy since its debut in 1954. The popularity of the treats, combined with the success of the candy's anthropomorphic mascots Mr. Plain and Mr. Peanut, has spawned a significant merchandising division in the company. As of 2015, much of the licensed M&Ms merchandise catalog is available through the main company website. This website features a broad range of M&Ms-themed items, including a section dedicated to Star Wars and M&M crossover-themed products.

Collectible M&M items are also found on eBay. The auction website often provides access to discontinued items released as promotional items for television, movie, or other media events, or simply limited-time runs of M&Ms memorabilia. As a result, one advantage of eBay over other websites is that buyers can find highly collectible items that may appreciate in value over time.

The Mars Corporation also operates M&M retail locations in popular tourist destinations such as New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, London and Shanghai. More information regarding the hours and exact location of these stores can be found at the main company website.

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