Where Can You Buy a Liver Cleansing Drink?


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Many popular liver cleansing drinks, such as Newton's Detoxifier, Well Roots Colon Cleanse and Liver Detox and Complete Natural Product's Liver Complete, can be purchased online directly from the company's websites or from online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Liver cleansing drinks can also often be purchased in health food or whole food stores. The FDA advises extreme caution regarding these drinks, however.

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Before going out and buying drinks that are advertised as "liver-cleansers," it should be noted that liver cleansers can easily be made at home with ingredients purchased from the grocery store. The Barefoot Cook offers a recipe for a simple lemon flush for the liver, made with a whole lemon, olive oil and filtered water, with vanilla or Stevia extract as optional sweeteners. This flush can potentially release gallstones as well.

A liver cleanse was the second most popular cleanse in 2014, according to Yahoo!'s Year in Review as reported by Shape magazine. This review further stated that the Food and Drug Administration, citing liver damage, issued a warning about liver cleanses. A highly effective liver cleansing drink is simply imbibing plenty of water, according to Bastyr University. Replace all coffee, juice and soda in the daily diet with clean water.

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