Where Can You Buy Lemongrass?


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Lemongrass plants can be purchased on the websites of online retailers, such as Amazon.com and The Growers Exchange. Lemongrass oil and seeds are also available on Amazon.com.

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Lemongrass is an herb that stems from various regions of India and is used abundantly in Thai cooking, as well as Mexican and Caribbean dishes. It is also used to add fragrance to soaps and other toiletries.

This herb is fairly easy to grow in a home garden. In order for it to thrive, it should be planted in an area that is warm, sunny and preferably humid. Lemongrass can be grown in pots at first, but eventually needs to be replanted in the ground because it grows very fast. It can be grown from seeds or stalks; the latter are often found at Asian specialty markets. Stalks grow roots quickly when placed in a container of water. After the stalks grow roots, they are ready to be planted in soil.

Lemongrass leaves and oil can treat physical maladies, including high blood pressure, stomach aches and achy joints. Some people apply it topically to relieve muscle pain and headaches, or they use it as an astringent. This herb is also purported to stimulate menstrual flow. Lemongrass contains beta-carotene, a natural antioxidant.

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