Where Can You Buy a K-Cup Online?

Where Can You Buy a K-Cup Online?

K-cups can be purchased online directly from Keurig or from vendors such as Amazon. Retailers with physical locations, such as Walmart, also offer K-cups online.

Keurig offers a wide variety of K-cups on its website, which can be searched by type (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and so on) and refined by preferences such as caffeine content and flavor. Each variety is rated by consumers, and discounts are available to participants in Keurig's membership program.

Amazon also offers a variety of K-cups that are searchable by type and reviewed by users. The company provides free shipping for purchases of a certain value, as well as a subscription service allowing customers to receive the product at regular intervals at a discounted price.

Walmart's site allows customers to search by brand, price and a number of other variables. It offers the option to pick up an order in store, and also includes references to related products.

The Keurig 2.0 system uses technology that scans information on the K-cup to determine the optimal settings for that beverage. As of February 2015, there are many varieties of K-cup available that are compatible with this technology, but customers purchasing from a vendor other than Keurig should be aware that not all coffee pods labeled as K-cups will be compatible with the system.