Where Can You Buy Hummingbird Sugar Mix?

Where Can You Buy Hummingbird Sugar Mix?

Hummingbird sugar mix is available at Wal-mart, Petco and Amazon.com. Hummingbird sugar mix includes sucrose and dissolves in water without requiring manual stirring. These stores also offer premixed hummingbird nectar.

Hummingbirds must eat five to eight times per hour. The sugar in the mix ferments rapidly, so the owner should empty, clean and refill the feeder daily. Placing the feeder out of direct sunlight helps to slow the fermentation process.

While hummingbird sugar mix provides one source of food for these birds, it is important that they have other food sources too. Hummingbirds also eat insects, spiders and nectar from flowers. To attract the birds, plant a flower garden and avoid the use of insecticides.

Some owners of hummingbird feeders prefer to place the feeders near windows so they can observe the birds as they eat. It is important to locate the feeder at least 5 feet from the window to prevent injury to the birds.

Installing a variety of shapes of hummingbird feeders and keeping them filled with fresh nectar increases the chance of attracting hummingbirds. Some feeders are less attractive to hummingbirds than others. Start filling the feeders as soon as the birds return from migration, and continue providing food until it is time for them to migrate again.