Where Can You Buy Giardiniera?


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Giardiniera made by Dell’alpe and Ziyad are available for purchase on Amazon.com. The Mezzetta brand of giardiniera sells on WalMart.com, and Wegmans sells its own Italian Classics Giardiniera in the Wegmans grocery stores.

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Giardiniera is an Italian pickle usually containing hot or mild peppers, celery, carrots, pitted olives and other vegetables, mixed with a blend of spices and stored in oil. The Dell’alpe Hot Giardiniera is a seasoned mix of peppers, celery and olives, that is often used as a condiment served with meat dishes. The Ziyad Hot Giardiniera Mediterranean Peppers Mix is a giardiniera made of all-natural ingredients. The 16-ounce jar of Dell’alpe giardiniera and 32-ounce jar of Ziyad giardiniera sell for about $6 and $12, respectively, on Amazon.com.

WalMart.com sells the Mezzetta Chicago-Style Italian Sandwich Mix Mild Giardiniera, among other varieties of the Italian pickle. Customer reviews of the product state that it goes great with many kinds of meats and is a flavorful addition to sandwiches. A pack of six 16-ounce jars sells for about $26 on WalMart.com.

Wegmans offers the Italian Classics Giardiniera that includes cauliflower, carrots, celery, pimentos and olives in a vinegar brine, and serves as a side dish, a relish or as an addition on an antipasto platter. The Wegmans website offers a link to find the nearest Wegmans grocery store.

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