Where Can You Buy Fit Tea?

As of 2015, Fit Tea is available on the official website, FitTea.com, as well as on Amazon.com. These websites ship the product according to the payment information provided. The Fit Tea 28-day detox package is sold for $45, and is paid through Paypal or most major card companies.

Fit Tea makes a tea package that purportedly helps to detoxify the body and helps with weight loss and energy levels, while suppressing excessive appetites and giving the body helpful antioxidants. Ordering the product can take about a week in order to reach a U.S. destination or two weeks to a month to reach international locations.

Reviews for Fit Tea products have been mixed. Customers who reviewed Fit Tea weight loss teas on Amazon.com have claimed to have been made ill by the product, sometimes for days. Others claim to have been nauseous or simply highly disliked the tea. Even more have claimed the tea just does not work, having seen little to no results upon drinking the tea.

The cheapest way to buy Fit Tea products is through the official website. Third-party online stores such as Amazon.com list the products at prices that are much higher than on the official website, sometimes twice as expensive.