Where Can You Buy Cake Box Cookies?


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Cake box cookies, also called cake mix cookies, are made out of any cake mix, which can be bought at most grocery stores. To make cake box cookies, the proportions of oil and egg are changed and water omitted, creating cookie batter instead of cake batter.

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Shoppers can't buy pre-made cake box cookies except at bake sales. However, these cookies are easy to make. There are as many different flavors of cake box cookies as there are flavors of cake mix. Plus, any cookie add-in such as chocolate chips, oatmeal, nuts and sprinkles can be added to the batter. Common cake mix flavors used for cookies are Funfetti, strawberry, lemon, butter, spice and chocolate.

Variations of the cake mix cookie recipe are listed on all the cake mix brand websites as well as on the side of many of the boxes. Food.com and Allrecipes.com also have several recipes. The most common recipe calls for one-third to one-half cup of oil, one package of cake mix and two eggs. Some recipes call for butter instead of oil or one-fourth cup of water, though most omit water completely. Most recipes recommend baking the cookies at 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for five to 10 minutes. The different recipes allow the baker to make crispy or soft cookies.

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