Where Can You Buy Butterball Turkeys?

To find a Butterball turkey retailer in a specific ZIP or postal code, use the product finder feature on the Butterball company website. Butterball turkeys are available at a wide variety of American and Canadian supermarkets.

Butterball LLC is one of the world's biggest turkey producers and is the biggest producer in the United States, according to its corporate website. It produces whole turkeys and turkey products such as deli cuts, ground turkey, turkey roasts, turkey sausages, turkey bacon and a variety of prepared foods that contain turkey. Butterball distributes its products to supermarkets around the world, but its primary markets are the United States and Canada. International markets include Chile, Mexico, Korea, Japan and Thailand.

Canadian and American customers can use the "Product Finder" feature on the company's website to find a retailer near them. They can search for all products or specific products within a selected radius around their ZIP codes. It also offers a "Turkey Talk-Line" service around the holiday season to answer questions about where to find its products and how to prepare them.

The Butterball website also includes a variety of buying and preparation tips, such as how to buy, thaw, stuff and store a Butterball turkey. In addition, the website provides several recipes and promotions.