Where Can You Buy Bread Machine Mixes?

Pre-made bread machines mixes are widely available in online stores, specialty cooking stores and in some grocery stores and chains. Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Williams-Sonoma all carry pre-packaged bread mixes on their websites. Some manufacturers and brands, especially those offering organic or gluten free products, sell directly to the public.

For people shopping in a store, they can find the bread machine mixes in the baking aisle near other pre-packaged baking mixes for cakes or brownies. Grocery stores may offer standards including whole wheat, white bread, pizza dough and more. Specialty and gourmet cooking stores provide more esoteric options, including seasonal breads, breads with fruits and nuts and non-traditional items. Online stores make it easy to find gluten-free mixes, hypoallergenic products, low-carb options, and other offerings for specific dietary preferences or needs.

When purchasing pre-made bread mixes, the buyer needs to read the packaging carefully. Many bread machine mixes can be also be prepared by hand. They should follow directions carefully and make sure their bread machine is on the right setting. Traditional breads can be cooked in the bread machine, but items that are not loaf-shaped, such as pastries, rolls and pizza doughs, need to be removed after mixing to be rolled out and baked on a tray in an oven.