Where Can You Buy Alkaline Water?

As alkaline water grows in popularity, it is increasingly stocked by specialty shops, health food stores and supermarkets. Other facilities that sell alkaline water include gyms, spas or other venues that promote holistic health and wellness.

Although alkaline water is available in bottled form, it is also possible to buy machines that convert tap water into alkaline water. Experts warn against purchasing alkaline water stored in plastic bottles, however. Plastic bottles contain carcinogens that alkaline water can strip away from the plastic. Also, there is some debate as to the shelf-life of alkaline water. It is possible that bottled alkaline water that sits on a shelf for several weeks may no longer contain all the same qualities as fresh alkaline water from a machine or tap filter.

Proponents of alkaline water maintain that it balances hormones, alleviates arthritis, cures illness, eliminates acid reflux, helps the body better digest food and improves cancer, though many of these claims have yet to be medically verified. The theory behind consuming alkaline water is that poor diets create an automatic imbalance of acid in the body. Consuming alkaline water, which is a natural antioxidant, helps the body optimize itself. High oxygen levels in alkaline water also make it ideal for those who suffer from oxygen deficiency. Although the high alkaline levels in alkaline water are typically artificially created, alkaline water also occurs in nature.