Where Can You Find an Alphabetical List of Native Fruits?


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Find an alphabetical list of fruits along with their countries of origin at our-food-recipes.com/food-facts/origins-of-food/list-of-fruits as of 2015. If any fruits have alternative names, they are listed in the corresponding description. The list also contains information on nuts.

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The website boasts information in similar lists of vegetables, spices and herbs, grains and cereals, livestock, edible mushrooms, fish and other seafood, and dairy products.

It also has a page on the new food pyramid (which now includes exercise). The same page provides definitions on the different macronutrients that should be part of a balanced diet.

There is a page on the site that gives a brief history of food broken down by some of the more famous historical empires or time periods. There are also links to recipes for foods that correspond to each group.

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