What Are Some Cake Pop Recipes?


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Some cake pop recipes include Wilton's basic cake pop recipe, Duncan Hines recipe and Chow's cake pop recipe. Cake pop recipes are wide and varied, depending on what flavors someone wants in her cake pop and what kind of icing is desired, even though the recipe names are very similar.

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Almost all of these recipes state that the cook can use any type of cake mix she wants. This allows the cook to make as many different types of cake balls as there are cake mixes. The Duncan Hines recipe is made to create chocolate cake pops with chocolate icing used to hold the cake crumbs into their ball shape. No matter which recipe is used, chilling the cake balls after they are formed is very important. Without the chilling, the cake balls will lose their shape and will not hold together on the sticks.

These creations are works of patience and can take several hours to do. Wilton's suggests using candy melts to coat the cake pops instead of white chocolate. The decorations are completely up to the cook. They can use icing, sparkle sugar or even coconut, depending on what kind of cake pops are being made. Once they are completely assembled, it is a good idea to let them chill again before serving in order to let all of the candy melt and decorations set up firmly on the cake pops.

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