What Are Some Cake Decorating Ideas for a Baby Boy Shower?


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Some ideas for decorating a boy's baby shower cake include a bib-shaped cake with blue icing and yellow ducks made with candy, as well as a rectangular cake decorated with cigars made from bread sticks and Tootsie Rolls.

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To make the bib cake, bake a cake in a square pan, cool, trim the top and flip it, bottom side up. Use a 3 1/2-inch glass to take out a piece of cake at the center of one edge and then use a paring knife to take 1 1/2 inches off the same edge to create the bib opening. Ice with white icing made blue with food dye, and decorate the edges with cut non-pareils. Melt three yellow chewy candies in the microwave for three seconds, roll and shape into three ducks. Place the ducks at the bottom of the bib, using chocolate drops for eyes. Write "Baby" with white or green icing above the ducks.

For the cigar box decorated cake, bake a rectangular cake, let cool, trim edges and ice with white frosting, lining the edges with chocolate frosting. Microwave five Tootsie Rolls for three seconds, press together and roll out into a 10-inch strip. Take a bread stick and wrap the Tootsie Roll strip around it, leaving about one-third uncovered. Repeat with nine more bread sticks. Cut off the uncovered portion of the bread stick. Roll yellow spice drops in sugar and cut into small strips to wrap around the covered bread sticks as cigar bands, using a dot of chocolate frosting to hold it in place. Line up eight of the "cigars" in the middle of the cake and have two cigars next to the cake on the serving plate. Add one yellow mini M&M to the center of each cigar band using chocolate frosting to secure it, and then write "Congratulations" at the top of the cake with red icing.

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