What Are Some Cake Decorating Ideas for an 80th Birthday?


Ideas for decorating an 80th birthday cake include covering a large cake with 80 candles, lining up 80 cupcakes with a single candle in each or getting an edible photo image of the birthday celebrant at a memorable time in his life to place on top of the cake. An 80th birthday is a milestone that deserves special attention.

If you choose to cover the cake with 80 candles, make sure to use candles that are long enough so they will not melt down before all 80 can be lit. Let the birthday celebrant take the lead in blowing out the candles, but enlist helpers (grandchildren, for instance) to join.

Lining up 80 cupcakes in a row is also a clever idea. You can also arrange cupcakes in the shape of the number 80.

Many bakeries make edible photo images that can be placed on top of a cake. For a large party, consider getting one cake for each decade of the celebrant's life and decorating them with a photo image of him from that decade.

Keep in mind that the person celebrating an 80th birthday may have dietary restrictions. In that case, be sure that he can eat the cake you choose.