How Do You Buy a Large Tupperware Container?


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Purchase a large container and other Tupperware products by visiting the Tupperware website or by attending a Tupperware party. Tupperware parties are direct sales events staged by a hostess who demonstrates and sells products directly to gatherings of friends and family members, usually at her own home.

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Tupperware Brands is one of the first manufacturers of resealable plastic food containers with which the name “Tupperware” has become synonymous. The company originally sold its products exclusively through home demonstrations known as Tupperware parties, where the hostess demonstrated and took orders for Tupperware products from family and friends. The company filled orders and shipped them to buyers from its factory originally located in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Tupperware still uses the direct sales method but also offers products directly to the public via its website, Tupperware.com.

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