How Do You Buy Hard Cider?


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Hard cider is available in many liquor stores across the country or from several websites that specialize in hard cider. To purchase a hard cider in person, call a liquor store to see what types ciders are in stock before going to the location and purchasing the hard cider.

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Many grocery store chains also have a small offering of hard ciders. The selection of ciders varies depending on the region and sometimes the season. Many online cider retailers will list locations where their ciders are found or will allow consumers to purchase from them directly.

The majority of hard ciders are comprised of the juice pressed from apples or pears. Specialty food stores or grocery chains often feature a variety of unique cider flavors with seasonal flavor cues or fruits.

Hard ciders have a shorter expiration date than many other alcoholic and should be kept refrigerated after opening. They are best served chilled without ice and can be enjoyed straight from the bottle. The bottles are often dark colored to preserve the cider as long as possible. Light and air can quickly reduce the carbonation and flavor quality of ciders, so it is best to enjoy them quickly after purchasing.

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