How Do You Butcher a Cow?


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To butcher a cow, kill the animal with a gunshot to the head, drain its blood, skin it, clean out the internal organs, and cut off its head. Standing 10 feet from the animal, use a 12-gauge shotgun to shoot it in its forehead. Next, make an incision through the windpipe, working toward each of the jugular veins, and bleed the animal out as much as possible. Cut the carcass in half lengthwise, and cut off the front quarters.

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Before butchering the cow, choose a cold location or wait for cool weather to avoid flies, and find a person to assist with the project. Gather the necessary equipment, such as knives, saws, a hoist and a spreader.

To skin the cow, move it to a clean area, prop it on its back, and cut around each foot and down the length of each leg. Next, make an incision from the anus up to the throat, and peel all the skin back. Remove the feet and the brisket, then suspend the animal on a hoist to finish removing all the skin. Cut the carcass from the anus to the center of the belly, and remove the tail. Cut the body walls, and remove the internal organs. Separate the heart and liver, clean them, and immerse them in cool water.

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