How Do You Butcher a Chicken?

How Do You Butcher a Chicken?

To butcher a chicken, cut off the legs and then the wings, and cut through the ribcage to separate the breast. To halve the breast, turn it over, and chop through the center bone. A butchered chicken has six to 10 parts, if you divide the breasts and the legs.

  1. Cut off the legs

    Position the chicken with the breast side up. Lift each leg away, and slice through the skin between the drumstick and the breast. Flip the chicken onto its side, and bend the leg away from the body until the thighbone is dislocated. To separate the leg, cut through the thigh joint and skin. Repeat on the other side.

  2. Butcher the wings

    Keep the chicken on its side, and lift the wing away from the body. Cut through the wing joint. Flip the chicken onto its other side, and remove the other wing.

  3. Remove and halve the breast

    Hold up the chicken, and cut down through the ribcage and the shoulder joints. Position the breast with the skin side down, and chop through the center bone. If desired, cut each breast in half diagonally, slicing through the bone.

  4. Divide the legs

    Separate the thigh and the drumstick if desired. Place the leg with the skin side facing down, and cut through the joint, which is marked by a line of white fat.