How Do I Get the Burnt Food Smell Out of My House?

Removing the burnt smell from a home can be achieved in several ways. However, the most effective method is to air out the house and cover the smell.

  1. Remove the food

    Before any other step, get rid of the food causing the smell. Take it out of the house for disposal, as dumping it in the garbage only prolongs the scent.

  2. Let fresh air into the area

    Open all of the windows and doors to let fresh air inside the home. Turn on a few fans, if available, so the fresh air can circulate in the house. Leave the windows and doors open until most or all of the smell has dissipated.

  3. Freshen the air

    Light a few scented candles, or use an air freshener to help cover any lingering scent.

  4. Create a pleasant aroma in the home

    Bake or cook something that emits a strong, pleasant scent that travels quickly throughout the home, such as cookies, cake or a pie.

  5. Boil lemon and cloves

    Fill a medium-sized pot with water, and bring it to a boil. Cut a large lemon into thin slices, and mix in the boiling water with a handful of cloves. Reduce the heat. For 20 minutes, allow the lemon-clove mixture to simmer on the stove to eliminate the burnt smell.