How Does Bulk Water Delivery Work?


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Bulk water is delivered in a large semi truck with a long hose attached to deposit the water in the desired location. The most common reasons water is ordered in bulk are for swimming pools and to keep dust and particles down for construction jobs.

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The client must contact the bulk water company she wants to deliver her water and request the amount of water she wants for her purposes. The client should inform the company what she wants the water to be used for so that trucks that can reach the location are sent.

The company notifies her if the water order is too small to be serviced by the company or if the water order requires multiple trucks to transport. The order should be made at least one day in advance and should not be less than 100 gallons of water.

The bulk water company typically sends an experienced driver to the delivery site with the necessary water. This driver brings the equipment he needs to deliver the water where it is wanted. A pool or reservoir usually can be filled in 15 to 30 minutes. Some companies charge an hourly fee for assignments that require water for a longer duration, as sometimes occurs with construction jobs.

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