How Do You Build a Wine Rack?


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To begin building a wine rack, first measure the internal height and width of the cabinet or other structure that you plan to hold the rack. Mark those measurements on a lattice panel, then line up the width measurement from the panel bottom.

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How Do You Build a Wine Rack?
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Now that you know where to make your cuts based on your markings, cut the panel out of the lattice that matches the height and width of the cabinet's interior. Use this new lattice panel to make another panel on the rest of the lattice. Cut it so that you have two lattice panels of identical size.

Cut four pieces of pine (3/4 inch by 2 inches by 24 inches) to the same width as the lattice panels. Stand two of the pieces parallel to one another and on edge. Set one lattice panel at the top, flush with the bottom and top of the pieces of pine. Attach the lattice panel to the pine with a staple gun at bottom and top, shooting into the cut-off ends of the lattice. Repeat this for the second panel.

Measure the depth of the cabinet and make marks that divide the depth into thirds. Slide the first lattice panel inside, centering it on the mark closest to the back of the cabinet. Attach the lattice in place by sending staples through the top and bottom of the cabinet. Repeat with the second lattice panel, attaching it at the other mark. Insert the wine bottles in the diamond-shaped openings.

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