How Do You Build a Pig Roasting Box?

How Do You Build a Pig Roasting Box?

To build a pig roasting box, purchase or manufacture the drum, stand and rotisserie components then mount and assemble the three components together. Whole pigs can also be roasted using a spit or in a concrete-block pit.

When roasting a whole pig, safety should be the first priority. Assemble and use the pig roasting box on a hard, flat surface away from structures and other flammable surfaces. Also, keep a functioning fire extinguisher on hand.

The first component of a pig roasting box is the drum, which features a hinged lid that keeps the smoke inside during roasting. Cooks can use recycled 55-gallon drums, but it is important that these recycled drums housed food products and not dangerous substances. To use, cut the drum in half lengthwise and use hinges to reattach the two sides.

The next component for a pig roasting box is the stand. Use sturdy and heat-resistant materials to construct the stand to ensure it is not damaged during cooking. The stand also needs to hold the weight of the drum, rotisserie and pig, so use a durable product.

The last part of a pig roasting box is the rotisserie. The metal rod used for the rotisserie should feature a skewer to keep the pig balanced as well as a motor that can rotate the pig at 1 to 2 revolutions per minute.