What Is a Buffalo Chopper Used For?

A buffalo chopper is a food mixer used to cut food into pieces or for grinding it. The buffalo chopper uses a set of revolving knives to cut things up. The degree of fineness is determined by the number of times the ingredients go under the knife blades.

The buffalo chopper is stronger and more durable than other food mixers so that it can mix some of the toughest meats and ingredients. It has a bowl fixture which holds the food in place while a blade or whisk rotates and chops or mixes the food into a wide variety of sizes determined by the user. It also includes a lid to prevent food from spilling out or anything falling into the container, which has a humped back similar to that of a buffalo.

When first introduced, buffalo choppers were intended only to chop meats. Today, they are made for a variety of additional purposes. Some are made for industrial uses such as chopping up large pieces of meat into smaller, more workable sizes. Other buffalo choppers are made for restaurants which need to process meat and mix ingredients. These smaller mixers can be used not only for meat, but also for vegetables, grains and other ingredients.

Since a buffalo mixer can work with different kinds of ingredients, there are different blades and attachments that one can use with the mixer so that it can work better. There are single and double blades which can be used for the mixer, as well as different whisks, dough hooks, and beaters that one can attach to mix foods.