What are some facts about bubblegum?


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A commercially viable bubble gum recipe was invented by Walter Diemer, who worked at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company as an accountant. Diemer's gum recipe was stronger and more flexible than previous attempts at bubble gum. The company named it Dubble Bubble and the gum was an instant success. Pink is the original color of bubble gum for the simple reason that Fleer Chewing Gum Company had no other colors to use at the time.

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The Fleer Chewing Gum Company trained its sales staff to blow bubbles while chewing Dubble Bubble. Fleer salespeople visited various shops to demonstrate the product. At one time, Dubble Bubble pieces included a comic strip featuring Dub and Bub, but the brothers were replaced by a character named Pud. The military distributed Dubble Bubble gum to World War II troops along with military rations. In 1957, Dubble Bubble was the first brand to offer a five-pack of gum for one price.

Bazooka gum, manufactured by the Topps Company, appeared on the market after World War II. This brand featured a comic strip character named Bazooka Joe. The company issued 75 original Bazooka Joe comic strip wrappers. Besides the traditional pink bubble gum, Bazooka bubble gum flavors include Cherry Berry, Grape Rage and Strawberry Shake. As of 2015, Chad Fell holds the record for blowing the largest bubble gum bubble. He blew a 20-inch bubble without touching it with his hands.

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