What Are Some Facts About Bubble Gum?

One fact about bubble gum is that it is one of the oldest candies in the world. People from every culture have chewed various gums, resins and latex plant secretions for thousands of years.

Another fact about bubble gum is that the natural gum resin called chicle from the sapodilla tree helped to make gum popular. This is because the resin has the ability to retain its flavor when being chewed. The first successful bubble gum that was created came in the color pink because it was the only coloring the inventor had. Pink is still the predominant color used for gum. The most popular flavors of gum are spearmint, peppermint and cinnamon.

The United States manufactures and sells more than 1,000 varieties of gum. Turkey has more than 60 gum manufacturers, making it the country that has the largest number of gum manufacturers in the world, as of 2015. The ingredients that are used in sugar-free gum are not fermentable by oral bacteria that lead to the development of cavities. Chewing gum for at least 20 minutes stimulates the production of saliva by up to 10 times the resting rate of natural saliva production, which helps to neutralize cavity causing acid. The extra saliva that is produced when chewing gum helps to support tooth enamel and reduce the risk factors of tooth decay.