What Are Some Brine Recipes for Chicken?


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Food Network and McCormick provide brine recipes for chicken. One recipe uses honey and garlic as the main ingredients, while the other uses pure maple syrup, apple cider and Montreal chicken seasoning.

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What Are Some Brine Recipes for Chicken?
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The Food Network recipe requires 1 whole chicken, 4 ounces of honey, 4 ounces of salt and 1 quart of water. It also includes 2 bay leaves, 2 cloves of sliced garlic, 6 sage leaves, 6 lemons and 2 ounces of olive oil.

Mix the honey, salt, water, bay leaves and garlic together. Pull the skin away from the chicken and place the sage leaves and lemon slices under the skin. Tie the chicken and legs. Place the chicken in the mixture and let it sit for about 12 hours. Brush the chicken with olive oil before cooking it.

The McCormick recipe includes 4 cups of cold water, 2 cups of apple cider, 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup, 1/4 cup of table salt, and 2 pounds of boneless and skinless chicken breast halves. It also calls for olive oil and 2 tablespoons of Montreal chicken seasoning.

Pour the water, apple cider and maple syrup into a large container and then stir in the salt. Place the chicken in the brine, cover it and refrigerate it for two hours. Drain the chicken and rinse it under cool water. Brush the chicken with oil and then rub it with the Montreal chicken seasoning. Grill the chicken over medium heat for about six to eight minutes on each side.

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