How Do You Brew Loose-Leaf Tea?


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To brew loose leaf tea, put tea leaves in a pot or kettle, and then add hot water. Use a tea pouch or infuser to keep the leaves and water separated.

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  1. Heat your water

    Heat the water to brew your tea. For delicate teas, such as green or white teas, don't bring the water to a full boil. Keep the natural flavors intact by letting the water cool a bit before adding your tea.

  2. Add your tea

    Add the tea to the tea pot. Pour the hot water over the tea, and let the tea steep. The amount of tea and length of steep time determine the strength of the brew.

  3. Use a pouch or infuser

    If you prefer tea and water separated, use a tea infuser or pouch. Strain the tea through your infuser after steeping to remove the leaves.

  4. Serve the tea

    Once your tea is finished, pour it into a cup and serve it. If you wish to add cream or sugar, do so while the tea is still hot.

  5. Save your leaves

    Save your tea leaves, since you can reuse them several times. Store the leaves in your steeping vessel with a small amount of water.

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