How Do You Brew Green Tea?


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Green tea has several health benefits, and the temperature at which the tea has been brewed often contributes to the health factor. The polyphenols or the anti-oxidants in green tea are released at a higher temperature, although there is some argument about whether it also releases the bitter tannins in green tea.

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  1. Bring the water to the right temperature

    To release the best green tea flavor, water temperature should be between 140 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to achieve this is by using a food-grade thermometer that can withstand high temperatures. The other option is to boil the water in a kettle, then allow it to cool for two to three minutes before steeping.

  2. Measure out the tea

    Choose your tea leaves. Small tea leaves infuse faster than larger tea leaves. For each 6-ounce cup of water, you need 1 rounded teaspoon of dry tea leaves. Leaves can be placed in a tea strainer in a teapot.

  3. Steep the tea

    The longer you steep your tea, the more tannins are released, making the tea more bitter. It is optimal to steep your tea for two to three minutes. This varies according to the type of tea used and whether you're using a tea bag or fresh tea leaves. Steep for two minutes, then taste the tea, and steep for longer if required.

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