What Does Breadfruit Taste Like?

breadfruit-taste-like Credit: Philip Tellis/CC-BY-2.0

According to The Wall Street Journal, breadfruit tastes like undercooked potatoes and has a similar crunchy texture. The fruit is also known to taste like fresh bread, hence its name.

Breadfruit can be cooked in a similar way to potatoes, and its indistinctive taste allows it to absorb a wide variety of spices without altering their flavor profile.

Breadfruit is native to subequatorial and tropical countries in Africa and the Caribbean, and to Pacific Ocean island nations. As one of the highest-yielding fruit trees on the planet, with one plant producing almost 500 pounds of fruit per season, according to The Wall Street Journal, scientists believe that breadfruit trees may be a solution to helping end world hunger problems. The challenge arises when it comes to making the food more palatable for widespread consumption.