Is Bread a Carbohydrate?

bread-carbohydrate Credit: Leander Baerenz/Stone/Getty Images

Bread is a carbohydrate, according to It is classified as a complex carbohydrate, which contains starch and complex chains of sugar molecules. According to, a slice of bread contains around 15 grams of carbohydrates. states that although wheat bread and white bread have almost the same carbohydrate content, whole-wheat bread is better. This is because whole-wheat bread has two times more fiber than white bread and is digested more slowly. According to, diabetics need to consume 30 grams of fiber everyday. Aside from its high fiber content, wheat bread also causes a more gradual rise in blood sugar; hence, it is considered beneficial for diabetics. Extra-thin bread is also recommended if the person wants to reduce the calorie intake by half.