What Are Some Brands That Sell Mineral Water?


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The most common brands of mineral water are Perrier, San Pelligrino, Apollinaris, Gerolsteiner, Vichy and Evian. The majority of mineral waters sold in America are imported from Europe and come from natural springs.

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Mineral water is usually sourced from a natural spring, and the majority of brands sold in America come from Europe. Mineral water can be very high in sodium, but it also typically contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are healthy minerals in reasonable amounts. While some mineral waters are so high in sodium as to produce the opposite effect of hydration, the majority have very low amounts of sodium and are a good source of fluids to keep one hydrated.

There is some controversy over how healthy mineral water is for the body and whether the large source of minerals makes consumption of it worth any potential health risks. However, there have been no reports directly linking mineral water to health problems, and the debate is a recurring one within the bottled water community. Customers can purchase bottled mineral water at most grocery stores or at a number of online retailers. Bottled water is an ideal substitute for tap water in locations with a history of water contamination.

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