What Are Some Brands of Ice Cream Made in the United Kingdom?


Brands of ice cream made in the United Kingdom, as of October 2015, include Yorvale, Marshfield Ice Cream and Caroline's Dairy. Each brand is produced on farms in the United Kingdom and uses milk from British dairy cows.

Yorvale ice cream is produced on a farm in Yorkshire. The company was first started in 1989. It produces ice cream in flavors such as mince pie, blackberry crumble and caramel honeycomb. It also makes nondairy sorbets and low fat frozen yogurts.

Marshfield Ice Cream produces both dairy ice cream and sorbets. The company makes flavors such as cookies and cream, toffee fudge and coconut.

Caroline's Dairy is made in West Sussex. The company first began producing ice cream in 2008, and features flavors such as royal bourbon vanilla and lemon meringue.