What Are Some Brands of Heavy Cream?

Hoosier Hill Farm, Horizon, Trader Joe's, Organic Valley and Devon Cream Company are some brands of heavy cream. Hoosier Hill Farm and another brand, Molecular Gastronomy, even have powdered heavy cream.

On Amazon.com, Trader Joe's heavy cream is shelf-stable Grade A and intended for whipping. Horizon's cream is also for whipping. The products come individually packaged or in cases of various quantities and range in price from $6 to $90 as of 2015.

Whipping cream, heavy cream, heavy whipping cream and double cream are all grouped together under "heavy cream" in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category on Amazon.com. Each type of cream has approximately 30 percent butterfat, 36 percent butterfat and 48 percent butterfat, respectively. Higher fat creams are more stable for whipping.