What Are Some Brands of Gluten-Free Alcohol?


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Some brands of gluten-free alcohol include Against the Grain, Bards Beer, Billabong Brewing, Estrella Damm Daura and Green’s Gluten Free Beer. Other gluten-free alcohol options include hard liquor varieties, such as 1800, Don Julio, El Jimador, Herradura and Jose Cuervo tequilas. Different types of liqueurs and flavored hard alcohols that are free of gluten include Americanaki Ouzo, Calvados, brandy, Campari, and Cointreau.

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Individuals who cannot tolerate gluten cannot drink some alcohols, such as many beers, wheat-based vodkas and mixto tequilas. Traditionally made tequilas, which are created from blue agave, are naturally gluten-free. Even though some products are marketed as gluten-free, they may contain traces of gluten that aggravate allergies, so some vodkas and beers may require caution.

Gluten is a term used to describe a type of protein that is found in a variety of wheat products and systems, such as rye, barley and triticale. Gluten is a primary protein that helps the food maintain its shape, and it acts as a microscopic glue that holds the internal structure of food together. Gluten is found in a variety of foods and drinks, including breads, soups, pasta, cereals and sauces. The three most common materials that have the highest concentration of gluten are wheat, rye and barley.

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