What Are Some Brands of Gin?


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Brands of gin include Aristocrat, Booth's London Dry, Seagram's Extra Dry, Tanqueray London Dry, Bluecoat American, Kensington London Dry and Old Raj. Gin gets its flavor from juniper berries. The minimum alcohol content for gin is 40% in the United States and 37.5% in the European Union, as of 2014.

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Gin is produced with flavoring agents such as spices. It is intended for mixed cocktails because mixing gin brings out those flavors. Popular drinks made with gin include the martini, gin and tonic, Tom Collins, white lady and the moon river. Citrus flavors mix well with gin, along with both dry and sweet vermouth.

Gin evolved from the Dutch liquor jenever. The origin of jenever is unknown, but there are written references to it as far back as the 13th century. Gin became popular in England during the mid to late 17th century, particularly when the English government allowed unlicensed gin production. By 1720, gin was sold or produced in approximately 25 percent of all London households. Gin is easy to produce and can be made in bathtubs, which increased gin's popularity in America during the Prohibition. Gin has historically been used for medicinal purposes, such as being mixed with lime cordial to treat scurvy.

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