What Are Some Brain-Boosting Foods?


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The best way to boost brain function and development is to eat fewer processed foods that are high in vitamins. Nutrients from food are important factors that influence everyday brain skills. Some foods may even help prevent different forms of dementia.

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Cruciferious vegetables, such as leafy greens, broccoli and cauliflower, have a positive effect on the brain. Foods such as cabbage, kale and bok choy contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotenoids that protect the brain over the long term. Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals derived from the body's waste products. A Harvard Medical School study found that women who ate the most cruciferous veggies lowered their brain age by one to two years.

Raw oily foods such as avocado, nuts and seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E, another important antioxidant. Consuming vitamin E from food rather than supplements increases the amount absorbed by the body, increasing its positive effects. A recommended amount of vitamin E is 15 milligrams daily, or about 2 ounces of almonds.

Whole grains are a great source of fiber and avoid the refined carbs in white bread and sugary foods. Whole grain oatmeal, brown rice and oat bran help lower and stabilize blood sugar levels, causing the brain's energy to stay at a relatively normal level throughout the day. A daily intake of 25 grams of fiber is recommended; this can come from whole grain sources as well as fruits and vegetables.

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