Which Bottled Water Brands Do Not Use Fluoride?

bottled-water-brands-use-fluoride Credit: Myrtle Beach TheDigitel/CC-BY 2.0

Many bottled waters do not use fluoride, including Agromas Natural Mineral Water, Alhambra, Aqua Pure, Belmont Springs, Cascade, Century, Crystal Springs, Deer Park, Elite, Evian, Fresh Market, HINT, Ice Mountain, Krystal, Nestle Pure Life, Oasis, Poland Spring - Distilled Water, Shenandoah, Vitamin Water, Walgreen's, Wal-Mart and Zodiac. Fluoride can also be removed from bottled water, though the methods are often expensive and not practical for home use.

Although the human body requires a very small amount of fluoride, it can have negative effects in high doses, especially the manufactured type of fluoride added to drinking water. The most common side effect of ingesting fluoride is fluorosis. This condition wears down teeth and makes them more vulnerable to cavities and decay. Furthermore, as little as 5 to 10 grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to adults.

One of the best ways to remove fluoride from water is to use reverse osmosis filtration. However, filtration systems that use this method are often expensive and inefficient for personal use. Slightly easier and more affordable is an activated alumina defluoridation filter. Replacement filters can still cost approximately $30 and need replacement often. Boiling and freezing water does not alter the amount of flouride.