What Is the Boiling Time for a Perfect Boiled Egg?

To get a perfect boiled egg with a creamy yet firm yolk, cook for 10 minutes in boiling hot water. The perfect soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg will take between three and 15 minutes to cook.

To cook perfect hard-boiled eggs, first submerge the eggs in a pan filled with cold water, covering them by an inch. Heat eggs uncovered over high heat until it's time to boil them. Remove the eggs from heat and cover. For runny soft-boiled eggs with whites that have barely set, leave them in the pan to cook for three minutes. For a soft-boiled egg that is slightly runny, cook for four minutes. For a firm soft-boiled egg with a custard-like center, cook for six minutes. For a very hard-boiled egg, cook for 15 minutes. To stop the cooking process, run eggs under cold water until cooled.