How Do You Boil Hot Dogs?


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To properly boil hot dogs, simply add the hot dogs to a saucepan filled with water, then cover the saucepan and bring the water to a boil. Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow it to stand with the hot dogs inside for around 7 minutes or until the hot dogs are thoroughly heated.

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The hot dog is an American staple, but its origins actually lie with the Roman emperor Nero whose cook first stuffed the intestines of a roast pig with ground game meat, wheat and spices, effectively creating the first linked sausage. This new technique made its way to Frankfurt, Germany, a city that claims to be the birthplace of the original frankfurter, the forerunner to the classic hot dog. There is a bit of controversy regarding this claim, however, since the town of Vienna (in German, Wien) also claims to have originated the wienerwurst that is now referred to by the shortened word "wiener."

Hot dogs were brought to the United States by German immigrants and popularized by a Polish vendor who opened a hot dog stand on Coney Island in New York, the hot dog is now one of the most-beloved American foods.

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