How Do You Blow a Bubble With Bubblegum?

How Do You Blow a Bubble With Bubblegum?

To blow a bubble with bubblegum, chew and flatten the gum and then force gum through the open teeth and lips with the tongue while blowing air. With more practice and more gum, bigger bubbles can be blown.

Gum base in bubblegum has elastomer that helps gum stretch and create bubbles. Different gum has different amounts of the compound and can determine the size of the bubbles.

  1. Choose your gum
  2. To begin, choose a bubblegum and chew it until it gets soft and moist. Add more gum for bigger bubbles.

  3. Prepare your gum
  4. Bite front teeth together and flatten gum against the teeth.

  5. Blow bubbles
  6. Open teeth slightly and force the gum through the opening and blow air.