What Are Some Blended Margarita Recipes?


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One blended margarita recipe calls for five ounces of 100 percent agave tequila, six ounces of frozen limeade concentrate, an ounce of orange liqueur, and three cups of ice. To make the drink, simply add all ingredients to a blender and mix until the ice has broken up.

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This recipe should be served immediately after mixing, as the ice will melt and leave a watery margarita. If the liqueurs are put in the freezer prior to making this recipe, the margarita will remain icy for longer. An orange liqueur such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier is used in this recipe as this gives a more authentic orange flavor with less sugar.

A four-serving frozen margarita recipe calls for one and a quarter cup of fresh lime juice, a cup of Triple Sec, and a cup of silver Tequila. In addition, the margarita requires thee cups of ice and three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Two cups of ice are blended until smooth into the tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juice using an electric blender. Then use a cocktail blender to shake each serving of margarita with a cup of ice before serving. This recipe makes four servings of margaritas, and should be poured into margarita glasses lined with salt or sugar.

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