What Are Some Berries That Grow on Trees?

Although the majority of edible berries grow on bushes and shrubs, there are several edible berries that grow on trees, such as the mulberry, hackberry, chokecherry or chokeberry, and the tree strawberry. All of these berry trees can be found growing wild in various parts of North America.

There are two species of mulberry tree that grow in North America: the native red mulberry and the white mulberry that was imported from China. Red mulberry trees can be found in the central and eastern parts of the United States, and the Chinese white mulberry grows wild along both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

The hackberry tree produces its berries in the winter and can be found in numerous different environments across the U.S. Chokecherry trees are typically only found in colder, northern climates, whereas the strawberry tree thrives in milder climates with hot summers. Both of these berries can be eaten, but are more commonly used to make jams, jellies and wine.

In addition to these edible tree berries, there are also a number of other North American trees that produce non-edible berries. Some of these include the downy serviceberry and the western soapberry, which Native Americans used as soap.