What Are the Benefits of Shopping at Lowes Foods?

Lowes Foods fresh rewards program offers benefits such as weekly instant rewards, gas rewards, special promotional offers and digital rewards. Customers also earn five cents in rewards for every reusable bag used in the store. The fresh rewards card allows customers to redeem the gas rewards. Gas rewards offer a saving of five cents per gallon of fuel for every $100 spent in a Lowes Foods store.

The fresh rewards program offers weekly instant rewards that allow customers to get discounts on special items at the Lowes Foods store. Customers can use their fresh rewards cards at any Lowes Foods store location. Gas rewards can be redeemed at any Lowes Foods or participating Speedway and WilcoHess locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. Gas rewards are valid for a period of 30 days. Purchases such as wine, prescriptions, lottery tickets, Lowes Foods gift cards and services do not count towards gas rewards.

Customers can enroll in fresh rewards at Lowes Foods in-store kiosks and also online at the website LowesFoods.com. To enroll in this program, customers need to provide a valid email address and a phone number. In case a customer forgets his fresh rewards card, the cashier can use the provided phone number to find the customer’s account details.