What Are Some Benefits of Membership With Sam's Club?

What Are Some Benefits of Membership With Sam's Club?

Sam's Club membership offers participating shoppers a wide range of benefits that makes their shopping experience more convenient and more economical. For example, the Sam's Club Early Shopping Hours program allows members to begin shopping as early as 7 a.m., two to three hours before customers without membership may shop.

All registered Sam's Club members are automatically enrolled in the Cash Rewards program, which allows them to accrue bonuses of $10 for every $500 that they spend. These bonuses can be directly redeemed for cash, and can also be used for Sam's Club purchases.

With Sam's Club Instant Savings, members are offered coupon books full of discounts in addition to the discount offers made available to customers who are not members. These exclusive savings are also offered on more than 600 prescription drug products in Sam's Club pharmacies.

At the Sam's Club Tire and Battery Center, members receive free repair of flat tires, regardless of where they were purchased. Additionally, they have access to free tests for their cars' batteries as well as free installation of wiper blades.

From the Sam's Club Optical Center, Sam's Club offers members a $50 discount on their first frame-and-lens purchase when they also purchase a year's supply of contact lenses. When members buy a second pair of glasses in one purchase ,without using an insurance plan to cover them, they also receive a $40 discount off the price of the second pair.