What Are the Benefits of Matula Herbal Tea?

Matula Herbal Formula has displayed numerous benefits for consumers with gastronomic problems, claims Ulcer-Cure.com. Namely, the blend of herbs is touted as a way to significantly reduce the bacteria that cause peptic ulcers and stomach cancer. Many users of Matula are quoted as saying there was a reduction in the symptoms of acid reflux disease and candida infections.

The blend of natural, wild herbs in Matula herbal tea has been scientifically tested to eradicate all strains of H. pylori, the ulcer-causing bacteria, says Super-Natural-Herbs.com. These studies reportedly have shown Matula to remain effective in cases in which antibiotic treatment for peptic ulcers has failed. The site also reports that while antibiotic medications prescribed for ulcer treatment often cause negative side effects, no users in the clinical testing of Matula have reported any such experiences.

Matula Herbal Tea formula may also be used to treat a number of other gastrointestinal ailments, such as dispepsia, colitis, civerticulitis, and more, claims Super-Natural-Herbs.com. Matula renders antacids unnecessary in the treatment of acid reflux and related disorders, according to the company. Probiotics may be useful supplements to increase the efficacy of the tea blend.

The sellers of Matula Herbal Formula state that a 30-day period of Matula ingestion is all that is necessary to remove all bacteria causing such problems. However, the non-toxic blend is safe to consume beyond this period if desired. Both Ulcer-Cure.com and Super-Natural-Herbs.com are part of CMC Ltd., sellers of the product.