What Are the Benefits of Juicing?


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Juicing provides a concentration of vitamins and minerals of the fruits and vegetables being juiced. Living Greens asserts that 95 percent of the enzymes and vitamins that the body needs are found in the juices of fruits and vegetables.

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Drinking vegetable and fruit juice allows the nutrients to enter the bloodstream quicker and gives the digestive organs time to rest. Juicing can strengthen the immune system, which helps to prevent sickness and diseases. Living Greens also states that juicing can reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as strokes and cancer. These three illnesses are among the leading causes of death. Living Greens also states that research has shown that synthetic multivitamins do not provide the same nutritional value. Nutritional juices also have a positive effect on the complexion and aid in weight loss.

It is best to drink juiced fruits and vegetables the same day the juice is prepared. When juice comes in contact with the air, the juice oxidizes, which can reduce the nutritional value of the beverage. Bottled juices that are not fresh have often been pasteurized, and the heating process strips essential vitamins and minerals from the juice. This is why fresh juicing is ideal for the most nutritional benefit, according to Living Greens.

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