What Are the Benefits of Having a Kroger Plus Card?

Benefits of having a Kroger Plus Card include discounted prices, fuel reward points and coupons, as of March 2015. Applications for the Kroger Plus Card are available in Kroger stores.

When a Kroger Plus Card is used during checkout, the account receives fuel points. Each dollar spent typically earns one fuel point, although restrictions apply. Certain items, such as gift cards, no-contract wireless phones and airtime cards, earn double points. Fuel points can be used at Kroger Fuel Centers and participating Shell stations. Discounts range from 10 cents to $1, depending on the amount of points used.

Kroger sends out coupons by mail and email to holders of the Kroger Plus Card. These include coupon booklets and personalized coupons based on a customer's shopping habits. Coupons may include free products. Online coupons can be loaded to a Kroger Plus Card, so the coupon is automatically applied at checkout when the card is used. To receive coupons, the card must be registered on Kroger's website.

Kroger occasionally holds Mega Events, where a customer receives a discount for buying a certain number of participating items. For example, buying 10 participating items could earn a $5 discount. Items near their expiration dates are sometimes marked down to sell them more quickly. Markdowns may occur on a specific day of the week.